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Welcome to Butt Print dot com...

I have an addiction... Whenever I see a girl with writing on her shorts or pants (commonly called butt shorts, soffe shorts or cheer shorts), I must read it. It is imperative that I know what that butt has to say. This site is for any other freaks like me and the girls who fuel my addiction. Enjoy. -Butt Print Guy

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Introducing... The Butt Print Gallery!
Over 1000 Pictures For Your Reading Pleasure

Brilliant Dreams Dream Enhancement - COOL !!

So I'm taking this new supplement that makes dreams more vivid and improves dream recall... AND IT WORKS! I'm even experiencing lucid dreams on occasion. Now, where's the pill that will make Miss Katie Holmes visit me more often in my sleep. Cool stuff, check it out.

Brilliant Dreams Dream Enhancement

Brilliant Dreams

The Butt Lift - College Humor Style

Craig Baldo over on College Humor has a funny post about the fabled female butt lift (so many connotations, so little time). Give it a read. And while you're there, check out some pics of girls snogging.

Butt Print Gallery, Now Open

update: gallery offline due to excessive bandwidth. oops!

Thanks to all my hard work looking at picture after picture of girls butts, I am proud to introduce the Butt Print Gallery. Find pictures of girl butts in shorts and pants, girls in panties with print on them, guy butts (not that it was my search criteria, but when I ran across such pics I created a gallery for the ladies), girls butts in polka dots (I have something about polka dots, go figure), painted butts and butt tattoos. Whew. You can also check out the gallery FAQ. Enjoy!

Lords of Dogtown

In the June issue of Maxim... a shot from the movie Lords of Dogtown. Tony Alva, played by Victor Rasuk, is laying down his signature. Should be a good movie. I also highly recommend watching the award winning Dogtown & Z-Boys documentary that was done a few years back. I saw it on the IFC but I think MTV has aired it once or twice.

Girls Don't Sweat, They Glisten

I think this pic pretty much speaks for itself. Originally labeled as "Amanda Butt Print" here. Thanks to adam for the link.

Today's Butts

Just a few new pics. Keep sending me those images and links! How about some self-portraits? Thanks to me (random search) and julie (though julie says that's not her in the east coast shorts).

Guy Paints With His Butt

So this guy had his 15 minute internet / tv-talk-show fame awhile back and I totally missed it. He makes paintings using his butt as his brush.. Damn, he must have one hairy ass! (couldn't resist) Here are a couple of his paintings...

Spears Rear

So I used think Britney was hot, and even included her in my special dreams, sue me. But now it seems she's in a three-way (note to self, try and include more mentions of 'three-way' in future posts) tie with Lindsay Lohan and the Olsen Twins to see who can win the return-to-white-trash race. Not to mention that she's getting fat... guess that happens when you're preggers.

Anyway, here's Britney in some shorts... Now I'm all about getting my read on, but rhinestones?? Maybe she got a bedazzler for Christmas. I'm sure you guys have shots of other celebs advertising with thier butt... so send 'em in!

The Joys of Google Image Search

So I decided to track down a few shots of my own for the site using the google image search. Here's one of the prominent hits from a "fun shorts" search with safe-search turned off.

The Many Butts of G.I. Joe

Here's one for the ladies... This guy has a page all about the many butts of the greatest American hero, G.I. Joe.

Eat My Shorts

I don't have a clue what soccer game this is or who the players are... but it's a great pic. Maybe the top guy has some small print on his red shorts, and the other guy is just really, really near sighted.

Thank you girls

Dear Girls:
Whether you're on the treadmill, walking up stairs or retrieving your dropped keys... I read and re-read the print on your butt. Such school spirit! Such brand devotion! Such a whimsical saying! I just wanted to say thank you... from myself and every other guy out there that checked out the writing on your butt.

Butt Print Guy